MONIQUE & TANAYA OVALLE-JENKINS both did an AMAZING job on our pictures. You captured everything we hoped and wished for and you even showed us what we didn't realize! lol! We love the work you do for others and what you did for us. We have definitely sent your information to all of our friends that are newly engaged so be ready for it! We cannot thank you both enough for being there on time and staying until the very LAST photo! You both have become apart of our family and friends and we would not change that for anything. Steph I am so happy I met you when I did and I am happy that you introduced us to Nicky! You two together or separate are going to do amazing shots no matter what! We love you both and thank you again for getting our pictures to us quickly and beautifully! <3

Stephanie was referred to us by a mutual friend.  I looked at her portfolio online and fell in love with her photography style and perspective.  She created intimate, but sophisticated photographs that really captured the emotion in couples and people.  Never having our photos professionally taken before, Stephanie made my husband and I feel very much at ease during our engagement and wedding shoots.  She took the extra time to check out our locations and venues beforehand and brought ideas for poses and locations which made it super easy for us.  She really captured us in our natural state, especially our love and emotion.  We are so happy with how the photos turned out of these incredibly special times.  Stephanie has a gift, and we were very lucky to work with her.

-Joanna & Michael

"My wife and I could go on and on about how awesome Stephanie and Nicky were! After meeting with Stephanie and Nicky and explaining to them of what we had in mind for our wedding photos they gave us their ideas as to how to make everything turn out perfectly. After our first meeting with them we were convinced that they were the two for the job and we were proven right after seeing the final moments they captured for us! Stephanie and Nicky were professional, incredibly easy and fun to work with, and did an amazing job with everything. We would never hesitate to refer them to anyone looking for the best photographer(s) out there!"
-Darin & Amanda

Stephanie is one of those fortunate people who has a great talent - her passion for photography has given her the gift of being able to capture that certain special smile, that rare glance, or poignant moment and translate that on to film.

We asked Stephanie to cover our wedding as we felt that she would do a good job of capturing the magic we share with our families - and the unique style that we chose, with our children standing up for us as our wedding party, and less traditional style but with an emphasis on new world, new thinking and a new life for both our families.

Stephanie surpassed all expectations and it is clear that our guests and family were very impressed with her diligence in capturing the real essence of our special day.  She took time to capture intricately the accessories, the room decor, the floral accents - which resulted in a library of photos that set the scene as if we are reliving the experience.

Jerry and I feel that we have on film the special feelings that we felt that day, and the exuberance of the guests with everybody and each special activity at the wedding having been captured on film.

We thoroughly recommend her for any function no matter how large or small, she will capture the essence with her talent through the camera!


-Julia & Jerry